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Home Energy Audits
Infiltration (air leaks) can account for up to 40% of a homes energy loss. The biggest areas of infiltration are usually hidden and hard to pinpoint. We use a blower door and a thermal imaging camera (view our thermal images page) to provide a non-intrusive means to find these leaks. It is extremely important and beneficial to find out what is going on behind your walls without needing to tear them down to do it. Finding and fixing these areas can greatly increase the comfort of your home as well as lower your utility bills.
The Process
Blower door test. A blower door depressurizes the home, allowing outside air to come in through any unsealed penetrations, cracks or openings. A blower door exaggerates natural conditions allowing us to easily detect any areas of infiltration in your home.

Thermal imaging. We use a state of the art thermal imaging camera to better detect air leaks. The camera also allows us to see what is going on behind the walls to pinpoint any areas of missing or damaged insulation.

Duct leakage test (optional).Up to 20% of a homes infiltration can come from leaky ducts. If your ducts are outside of conditioned space (as most are) you may be loosing heated or cooled air, to the attic for example, due to leaky ducts. Leaky ducts will also lead to pressure differences in your home which can lead to greater infiltration

Visual inspection. We look at any other areas of your home that may be contributing to your discomfort and high utility bills. From your heating and cooling equipment, hot water heaters, windows and doors, lighting, appliances, insulation and any other factors that may be contributing to your high utility bills.

The final report. Within a few days after the inspection, we will hand you a report detailing any problem areas we may have found. We will discuss them with you and answer any questions you may have. The report will have tips on any do it yourself projects you may wish to pursue as well as projects best left to a professional based specifically on our assessment of your home.